UV & Ozone Disinfection Lamp Radar Mode

Product Description
  • Powerful UV and Ozone combine to sterilize the air and surface within a room at home or in the work environment.
  • Lightweight and runs on any standard 110V power outlet providing easy portability to move from room to room.
  • Available with or without ozone, ideal for running during the evening without people or pets, or after hours to increase the effective sterilization rate.
  • The no ozone version affords you the ability to sterilize meeting rooms, exam rooms, spas, yoga and fitness rooms between sessions.
  • No one allowed to be present (people, plant or animals) when working in this product so as not to have ultraviolet rays directly shining on people's eyes and skin cause harm.
  • Do not look directly to the lamp source.
  • DO NOT touch bulb with bare hands. The oils in your skin will damage the lamp. Fingerprints will result in reduced performance and significantly reduce the lifespan of the lamp unless they are removed with alcohol. Please read instructions for UV safety requirements before operating.*** This UVC lamp comes with a timer that allows he user to exit the room before it actually turns on. Make sure to leave the room as soon as you activate the timer/lamp.
  • As a general rule, we recommend letting a room sit for ozone to safely dissipate for 2X the sanitizing cycle of our customers.  This can be shortened by opening windows and doors.
  • Material: Iron
  • Dimension: 6.5" x 16.5"
  • Lamp Material: Quartz tube with Ozone
  • Wavelenght: 240 - 253 nm
  • Power: 38W

Radar mode function:

  • Whitin 6 meters in diameter around the UV lamp, if people or mving objects enter inside the area, the UV lamp will turn off.
  • After the UV lamp detect that there is no objects moving in 15 seconds, the lamp will turn on and continue the desinfection work.
  • Instructions:
  • Press the strat key
  • Select the desibfection time; 15 mins, 30 mins, 60 mins.
  • Leave the disinfection area, the UV lamp will turn on after 15 seconds.
    Maximum quantity available reached.

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