SMART ParaTube 15 ml, 1000 pcs/case

Product Description

SMART ParaTube 15 ml, 100 pcs/box and 10 boxes per case.

Delivery time: 15 - 20 days

Used to extract the specimens when operators examine the feces

Smart reagents produced by applying the provisions of the National Agricultural Cooperatives Regulations

- Save 90% of medical waste disposal costs
- Standard Mesh gathers parasites and extracts Debris
- Clean environment – Examined in Inner Tube
- Easy and simple processes

- Composition
[SET] Outer tube 12.4cm*o1.8cm,

Inner tube 9.5 cm*o1.5cm,

Outer tube cap,

Mesh (1st Filter, 2nd Filter) 400~550um
[Storage] 15c~25c (room temperature storage)

How to use
1. A patient puts dung into a dungcontainer for parasite checkup.
2. Open the Smart Para Tube and pour 9ml formalin which is diluted by 10%.
3. Put dung into a Tube by using a long stick and close the lid.
4. Shake it to mix dung and formalin by hand or put it on a Shaker for shaking at 250 rpm for 5minutes. (After shaking, move the inner tube up and down 2 or 3times and throw the inner tube away. At this point, the parasite egg can go down under the filter well when it  goes up and down 2 or 3times.)
5. Open the lid of the Tube and pour 3ml Ethyl acetate and close the lid.
6. Centrifuge it at a centrifuge at 500G for 10minutes
7. After centrifuge, open the lid and throw away the liquid on the top.
8. Smear the filtered parasite egg on a slide and inspect it with a microscope.

Maximum quantity available reached.

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