UV-C Lamp Germicidal UV Sanitation Light

Product Description
Germicidal UV Sanitation Light which can disinfect coronavirus and bacteria in commercial facilities as well as residential dwellings. This unit offers UV-C output at a range of 200nm - 280nm (254nm) and comes equipped with a 42-watt UVC fluorescent lamp. A top-located carrying handle allows the UV light to be carried or moved around the facility.
The UV Germicidal Lamp is a powerful sanitation solution for commercial facilities and residential areas. Equipped with a 42-watt UVC fluorescent lamp, AC 110V (253.7nm) wave band. The light has an expected lifespan of 6,000+ hours and emits a flood beam pattern. This UV system caters to 430 sq. ft. areas with 360 degrees of coverage. Operators may move the light around after exposure time to disinfect several sections. Caution: (Not while lamp is operating.) With a recommended 15-30-60 minute exposure time for viruses, multiple units can be purchased to cover larger areas quicker. The UV light can disinfect over 99% of bacteria, viruses, coronavirus, mold and spores. Additionally, the bactericide effect is 50 times that of alcohol and 3000 times that of UV light without causing chemical residue or chemical pollution. UV Lamp measures 19x19x58cm in size.
**PLEASE NOTE: UV-C light can cause temporary or permanent loss of vision, and temporary acute redness or ulceration (mild to severe sunburn) to exposed skin. To prevent exposure, do not operate the device in any application that allows UV-C light to be visible during operation. NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE BULB OR DISINFECTING TARGET ZONE. DO NOT touch bulb with bare hands. The oils in your skin will damage the lamp. Fingerprints will result in reduced performance and significantly reduce the lifespan of the lamp unless they are removed with alcohol. Please read instructions for UV safety requirements before operating.*** This UVC lamp comes with a timer that allows he user to exit the room before it actually turns on. Make sure to leave the room as soon as you activate the timer/lamp. No person, pet or plant should get exposed to UVC light.
Instructions will be provided with UV Germicidal Lamp.
Dimension: 6.5" x 18"
**Recommendation: As a general rule, we recommend letting a room sit after disinfecting with this lamp to safely dissipate for 2X the sanitizing cycle of our customers. This can be shortened by opening windows and doors.
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