The Aftereffect of COVID-19 on its Survivors

The Aftereffect of COVID-19 on its Survivors

Surviving the dreaded COVID-19 virus is probably the one and only wish anyone who gets infected has, and it would be the same sentiment toward their loved ones. While it is an absolute joy to recover, as with any other illness, COVID-19 leaves its mark on those who have faced it and survived. While some may get over this illness in a short period, others battle with it for months. However, whether the duration of infection was long or short, the coronavirus causes long-term damage. So in this post, we will explore the reported long-term aftereffects of COVID-19


Respiratory Effects

Since COVID-19 primarily affects the respiratory system, it is only natural that it worsens or induces other conditions that affect the respiratory tract. According to the CDC, severe lung-related diseases, such as COVID-19, can cause health effects, including weakness and exhaustion. Further, one specific COVID-19 health effect is pneumonia. Although it develops while you are infected with the virus, in some cases, it persists after a negative COVID test result. This pneumonia damages certain structures within the lungs resulting in long-term breathing problems.


Weakness & Fatigue

Weakness and fatigue are two of the more common aftereffects of COVID-19. In fact, they are typically associated with recovery from viral infections. Several reasons can account for why you feel weak or fatigued even though you have received a negative COVID-19 test result, such as the pneumonia associated with the condition and the fact that your body is in “repair mode.” Also, persons who had severe COVID-19 and required management with ventilators, and treatment in an intensive care unit, usually experience post-recovery long-term fatigue.


Hair Loss

Scores of people have reported hair loss as an aftereffect of COVID-19, and clinicians believe this to be related to physical and emotional stress induced by knowing you are infected with COVID-19. They assert that this particular hair loss is reversible with efficient and consistent treatment. In an online survey, over 500 persons from a total of 1700 respondents say they’ve experienced hair loss after recovering from COVID-19.


Heart Problems

Recently, patients who had even a mild form of COVID-19 are showing evidence of long-lasting COVID-19 health effects on the heart muscle after recovery. Clinicians believe that this development can eventually lead to heart failure or other conditions.


Other Health Effects of COVID-19

COVID-19 essentially affects the entire body. As such, it is even seen to cause and worsen brain-related issues such as strokes, seizures, and Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, some persons may experience inflammation in different areas of their body and even develop blood clots.


So much is still unknown about the long-term aftereffects of COVID-19; however, much research is underway. Consequently, we urge you and your loved ones to get a physical examination done after your COID-19 recovery. Doing so will help to identify and treat any effects early. We will continue to keep you up-to-date with credible information to ensure your safety and improved health. See you next time!



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