Foods that help us: The importance of reading information that matters

Foods that help us: The importance of reading information that matters

I have been reading some scientific publications about the coronavirus COVID19 and its rapid spread. Unlike other viruses, this one is covered by a thin layer of fat (hence the recommendation to wash your hands well with soap and the use of alcohol, which dissolve the fat). This feature appears to make it easy to spread. But most important is what a Chinese doctor discovered in the Wuhan area where the virus appeared. Dr. Li Hua discovered that the coronavirus uses a protein to stick to the cell membrane. On the surface of the virus there is a specific place that is activated by an enzyme in the cell membrane called furin. In other viruses, the location of virus activation is found in a protein called Hemagglutinin. (Sorry for these technical details but they are important) The important thing is that furin is found in many human tissues such as the lungs, liver, and small intestine. This means that the virus has the potential to attack various organs. After that I started to investigate if there was a possible furin blocker or inhibitor, because if furin is not activated, then the virus would not attack those organs. Thank goodness there are several studies on this and they all talk about a product that is a natural furin inhibitor in celery, broccoli and other vegetables.

What is it?

It's called Luteolin. Here in the United States they sell it in powder and capsules, commonly sold as a food supplement. In general, Luteolin is an antioxidant flavonoid that serves to protect against free radicals and oxidative stress. It is an element with protective properties against inflammation of the tissues of the human body. I believe that in Latin America they should sell it in natural pharmacies. Luteolin is traditionally taken for inflammations such as eczema, but it has also been used for dengue, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, and cognitive decline.


In no way do we mean that the use of Luteolin represents a cure for Coronavirus. Our intention is to encourage responsible reading of scientific articles that are available to everyone on the Internet. We also want to promote the search for natural solutions to health problems.

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