FIME 2024 Experience

FIME 2024 Experience

Last week, we had the opportunity to attend FIME, an annual expo of medical and laboratory supplies and equipment. It was amazing to see the great variety of countries represented and the innovative supplies and equipment for the industry.


Before I continue, let me share some context:

I was able to attend FIME with 2 other team members of the marketing team on the third day. Our company’s co-founders had gone the day before and shared with us a brief overview of the expo. However, in our team, 2 of us had never attended FIME. I’ll therefore, be writing from the perspective of going for the first time to FIME.


 Having all that in mind, we were really excited to see new equipment and learn in the process. It truly was an eye-opening experience and left us reflecting on the future of medicine and science. If you want to get a glimpse at our experience, we’ll be sharing a VLOG (video log) soon, so stay tuned!


 It’s encouraging to see different companies and manufacturers looking for ways to improve systems or equipment currently in the market. We saw a wheelchair (which we later purchased) made out magnesium, a material lighter than aluminum! We also learned of an Indian company working in the US, manufacturing casts filled with resin and cured with blue light. These casts are lighter to carry and can get wet, meaning, you no longer have to cover your fractured arm with a plastic bag when taking a shower.


 We also enjoyed the wellness products and seeing their many uses and benefits. Obviously, we said yes to a quick 10-minute massage which gave us a little rest from all the walking.

 Seeing so much technology and efficient equipment for rehabilitation or surgeries, I wondered if the costs for such products would make it of difficult access to countries outside North America and Europe. However, I was glad to see many countries coming up with their own versions or different solutions. The more these products are worked on and distributed, the more access is given to all.


 All in all, I’m grateful for the opportunity of going to FIME and getting exposed to the various equipment and products in the medical industry. We’re hopeful that by going, we will be better equipped to serve our clients, whether they are distributors in their own countries, or they’re end users here in the States. 


- Aisha

 Click here to watch our experience!

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