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Infant Warmer, Model Ohmeda 3300. Used, working very well. In very good conditions.

The GE Ohmeda  3300 is an infant warmer with cutting edge technology and a microprocessor to provide accuracy and control. The system provides both manual and servo modes of operation. The Ohmeda 3300 evenly distributed the heat around the bed area. A Parabolic reflector helps focus the heat where it is needed. The 3300 is ideal for NICU and L& D rooms with it's specific architectural details. With a heater head dove tail rails and integrated bed. These features allow for quick attach or detachment making it easy to maneuver about the infant for procedures without disturbing the newborn.

The GE Infant Warming System (IWS) was designed to create a ration heat warmer for new borns that minimizes stimulation while supporting the developmental care of the infant. Providing a solutions for all your thermoregulation needs. The Ohmeda IWS 3300 provides an easy to view digital display control panel - that allows you to change the baby's thermal perimeters in 5% increments. They system alarms are set to provide you instant warning if the newborn's temperature varies from the set control temperature.

  • 5” (13 cm) casters with 2 front independent locking casters
  • Heater assembly includes rotating radiant heater, parabolic reflector, observation light and visual alarm light.
  • Control Unit used to operate the radiant heater and the observation light.
    • Performs regular self-checks during operation including failure diagnostics
    • Manual or Servo operation modes maybe selected
    • Alarms – alert the operator of low or high patient temperature, a skin temperature probe failure, a power failure, equipment (heat off) failure or a check patient prompt.
  • Integrated location beneath patient surface for an X-ray cassette holder and tray
  • Tiltable bed platform with one-hand operated hydraulics system for dampened motion for Trendelenburg and Fowler positioning.
  • Chest drainage hanger
  • Integrated drawer storage
  • Reusable skin temperature probe


GE Ohmeda 3300 Specifications


  • Height: 185 cm (73 in)
  • Depth: 100 cm (39.5 in)
  • Width: 62 cm (24.5 in)
  • Weight: 95.2 kg (210 lbs)
  • Bed dimensions: 48.3 cm x 66 cm (19 in x 26 in)
  • Bed tilting: ±10° Fowler and Trendelenburg, damped


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